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Gameday Goddess Staff

This Saturday is the Belmont Stakes horse race and we can’t wait to put on our summer dresses and fancy hats!  We’re even more excited to host our own Belmont Stakes Party.  It’s a great way to get your friends together and dress up!

Here are a few tips if you plan on throwing your own.

  1. Require everyone to wear a hat and have a contest for “Best in Show.” Award the winner a giant horse head trophy or bunch of carrots.

  2. Serve dishes that represent the horses’ names or fit the theme.  For example, serve a dish that resembles triple crowns (three pineapple slices stacked on top of each other or even onion rings!) Another fun dish is homemade pretzels in the shape of horseshoes.  Make sure to have cards in front of the dishes for the guests to read.  

  3. Offer The Belmont Breeze cocktail to your guests.  This has been a staple at the Belmont Stakes since 1998.  Hold the whiskey and sherry if you are under 21!

    1 1/2 oz American blend ed whiskey
    3/4 oz Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry
    1/2 oz fresh lemon juice 
    1 oz simple syrup
    1 1/2 oz fresh orange juice
    1 1/2 oz cranberry juice
    1 oz lemon soda
    1 oz club soda

  4. Decorate to fit the theme.  This always sets the mood for a party.  Some fun ideas are bales of hay, tulips, hounds tooth decorations, and horse silhouette paper cut-outs. 

Be sure to tweet us your pics @GGFashionzone or instagram @Gameday_Goddess !