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Bringing all college fashionistas the latest gameday fashion trends, tailgate eats, and entertaining ideas for gameday!





Gameday Goddess Staff

DAY 1: ORIENTATION- Be relaxed, but you still want to look nice.  NO torn shorts or sloppy t-shirts please! A casual sundress, tailored shorts, or skirt and blouse will make the perfect first impression!

DAY 2: ICE WATER- Don't stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey.
Today is about dressing in your best summer dress & flats or nice sandals. Leave your cocktail dress and stilettos at home!

Wearing a solid-colored pair of shorts will complement the recruitment tee shirt. Black, white, or cream goes with everything. Wear sandals, ballet flats, or boat shoes with your shorts and tee shirt!

DAY 4: PREFERENCE NIGHT- Think of tonight as the "date"- the night you'll always remember!
Pref calls for a dressy dress that you would wear to a wedding reception or dinner at an upscale restaurant!

DAY 5: BID DAY- I'll always remember the day I became a Delta Nu! Today is the day you'll meet your sisters for life!
New members are asked to wear shorts and a tank top. The tank top is worn because the new pledges will be given a bid day tee shirt to slip on over the tank.  Wear nice sandals and casual jewelry.